Hi 14 years old girl here i like:
anime x psycho x harajuku x asian things x asian guys x asian girls x bands x jpop x kpop x kawaii stuff(cute) x i'm a lil bit pervy so if u don't like this stuff STOP FOLLOWING ME C:



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Sad//Bands//B&W Blog

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Bring Me The Horizon
A Day To Remember
Pierce The Veil
You Me At Six
Sleeping With Sirens
All Time Low
Of Mice & Men
My Chemical Romance
Black Veil Brides
Suicide silence
Crown The Empire
Asking Alexandria
Bless the fall
Fall out boy
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Life savers

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i thought you were pansexual but you have a boyfriend,why would you lie about your sexuality




you said u were going to mcdonalds but you got chicken mcnuggets not a big mac why would u lie about going to mcdonalds

is essentially what you have just said to me

I have no words….

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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it
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This smile .. damn

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